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About us

At Jade Fusion, we take great pride in creating a product that is far superior than anyone elses on the market. This is done through perseverance, dedication and a willingness to not just go with the status quo.

Our History

We got into the gummy industry to make a difference. From CBD to nutraceutical now with kratom, we aim to make the best gummy for the best price with most oversight and precision. 

Our vision

Our vision at Jade Fusion is to make a Kratom product that will truly be a benefit to those who try it. 

Why Choose Us

Our Attention To Detail Is What Sets Us Apart

We Own The Gummy Facility

We aren't just outsourcing or having someone else look over our gummies and proprietary formulas. We keep everything in house which gives us the ability to oversee and control the whole process.

Created From Scratch

Our gummies are not someone else's formula that we use to private label. We own our formula and work closely with our scientists to create a truly unique product that is shelf stable and safe.

cuttinG Edge Technology

We are not just throughing kratom extract into a gummy like the other guys. We have carefully formulated a proprietary process that makes the kratom its most effective and safe as it can.

0 mg
Of Mitragynine Per Gummy
0 +
C-Stores and Bodegas
0 X
Absorption With Our Nano Technology


Some Positive Feedback That Encourages Us.
Since trying Jade Fusion's Kratom Gummy, we realized that this product is far superior than any other one we have tried. We are super excited to have this in our stores for our customers and believe this will be one of our best selling products.
Stephen K.
Owner Of Multiple Smoke Shops