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The Future Of Kratom

Not Your Typical Everyday Boring Gummy.


In a world filled with negativity, it's time for some positive vibes. Jade Fusion Kratom Gummies are carefully crafted with our team of scientists and formulators to create a truly pleasant experience for the end user. Our gummies are made in the lab with only the purest form of Kratom Extract ran through the strictest oversight and third party testing. We know that there are many different MIT Gummies on the market, but none are as smooth, fresh and tasty as the Jade Fusion high level MIT Kratom Gummies. We pack up to 50mg of mitragynine per gummy and know that no other gummy on the market compares to ours.

Jade Fusion believes that we have created a product that can truly help people, having said that, we would like everyone to study Kratom on their own and discuss the plant's effects with their doctor or physician. Kratom is on it's way to surpassing CBD as the go to herbal remedy for many desired results and for good reason, but Kratom might not be for everyone and should be carefully considered before administration.

What's So Special?

highest level MIT GUMMY On The Market

Kratom is exploding on the market these days and for good reason. Because of this, we have been fervently putting together many formulas trying to make the best tasting gummy with a high level of mitragynine.

While most of the competitors Kratom Gummies have between 15mg to 35mg MIT, ours have 50mg. We have created the highest level MIT gummy on the market and have done this in our brand new facility that operates on GMP standards.

Feel The Difference

Packed With 50mg of MIT per gummy using the newest technology For The Highest Absorption

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